I pulled out the shoes, the socks and the stopwatch today and decided to start over.


Running that is.  I got off to a good start but then got sidelined by a nasty sinus infection that dragged on for way too long.  Well, the antibiotics are done, the weather is at least sunny and bright and it’s time to get back on track.

Rewind a bit.  You’ve been introduced to my fancy running shoes.


Now meet the rest of the team.  When I talked with the fellow at the sports store about what I wanted to do he was very helpful in getting me into the right shoes.  When I went to pay, he threw in a pair of socks for free.  That may not sound like a big deal but these aren’t your cheapy tube socks that come in a package of eight.  These are moisture wicking socks that retail for $15.99 a pair and are designed for your right and left feet.


Do you see the R and L on them?  That’s so you get them where they are supposed to be.  They have padding in all the right places and are definitely an asset when you are starting out.   They’re probably an asset all the time but I wouldn’t know that.  All I know is about starting out.

And here’s my stopwatch.


This was a gift from my mother-in-law.  The boys had showed me that there is a stopwatch on my cell phone but after several minutes of button pushing and still not figuring out how to start, stop and reset the thing, I really appreciate this stopwatch.  It only has two buttons:  a start/stop one and a split/reset one.  Good choice for a techno-simpleton like myself.

We went out the today, the three “s’s” and I.  (Techinically, I’m an “s” too, a “starter” that is.  But I digress…)  Boy, did it feel good!  I can hardly wait for Wednesday when we go for it again.