It’s D’s birthday today.  Thirteen years ago I gave birth to my first born son and he’s brought me joy ever since.  He’s been hyper and disobedient at times, talkative and argumentative, fussy and demanding but he’s also been lovable.  His biggest wish for this milestone birthday was to eat out at Wild Wing.  Wish granted.  Here’s the birthday boy at the restaurant of his choice on Friday night (DA’s day off).


He only asked for a dinner out but DA and I think that thirteen is something of a milestone so we decided to get him a bigger than usual gift.  P made him a candy mosaic (D’s never been a big cake guy) that gave a big hint as to what D could expect as a gift.


P and I had a great time making this and both D and P are enjoying themselves (often!) eating it up.

The candy mosaic had a “watch for bicycles” sign on it so guess what D got.


He got a funny little card that he can exchange for a bike.  We’ll watch the flyers and go shopping together to get him something that he’ll like.  Happy Birthday D!