You know it’s really spring when the sap starts running and everyone flocks to the local sugar bush.  I took the boys there this afternoon with the intention of eating pancakes with fresh maple syrup in the sugar shack.  We got there, did the horse drawn ride and walked through the bush but we didn’t get in the sugar shack.  The line up was VERY long and didn’t seem to be moving at all so the boys said, “Nuts to that idea!”

I brought the camera with me (big surprise!) and tried to get some artsy shots.


I kind of liked this one of the horse drawn wagon pulling up.  The colours are a little blah but then again everything is a little blah this time of year.


“You’re taking pictures of a rock?”  That’s what my “too cool to be seen with a mama carrying a camera” children asked.  It’s not just a rock.  It’s a rock with something inscribed in it.


This is my fave.  It’s the guys trying to run and hide realizing that I had the camera pointed in their general direction.  I was tempted to keep it up.  I wanted to see if they would dive for cover.  There was a lot of mud on that trail and therefore great potential for wipeouts.  I’m such an evil mother.  Muddy boys.  That’s good picture content.


Here’s a shot of the old way of doing things.  So much prettier than the techno-coloured lines they string up now-a-days to collect sap.


One more from a different angle.