It being March Break and all, I’ve been trying to do special things with the boys.  Now that they are in school full time, I feel that I really have to buy up the time we are together.

On Monday we had a game and snack night at the house.  I was only just starting to feel better so we had to start the itinerary off slowly.  The boys love having  junk food and if it means playing a few board games to get it they’re definitely on board.  No.  The honest truth is that we actually enjoy playing games with each other and haven’t done it nearly enough since we moved out here.  The boys did love the snack part of the night though.  They are becoming eating machines now, especially when it’s stuff they like!

On Tuesday I took them out to the movies.  The show we wanted to see sold out (Tuesdays are cheap night around here) so we ended up kicking around town for a few hours and catching the late show.  The movie was a hit and the time hanging out together was fun too.

Today I ventured out a little further with them.  We visited the Royal Ontario Museum which was offering extended hours and special admission prices for March Break.  The R.O.M. has been on our “must see” list for a while so I’m glad I had the nerve to drive in less than familiar territory and even take the subway to get there.

Besides having lots of interesting stuff to see, museums are great places for people (like me) who like to take pictures.  The lighting usually isn’t that great, it’s tough to get good shots of stuff behind glass because of reflection and glare and it’s a challenge to snap a good shot without somebody flitting past and getting their head or stroller or something in the picture that you didn’t want in the picture.  Here’s a sampling of what I did get:


I’ll start with the exterior of the building.  The front is quite striking with all its wierd angles jutting out.  My shot doesn’t do the beauty of the design justice.  I think it might have helped to go across the street but in Toronto that’s no easy task so I settled for this so-so pic.


We had to visit dinosaurs for P.  I kind of like how the last one looked like he was waving goodbye to us as we went on to a different section of the museum.


Here are the guys in the simulated bat cave.  It wasn’t that spectacular for us since we’ve been in a real cave and saw real bats hanging off of walls.


There were lots of beautiful collections to gaze at.  I love the the colourfulness and diversity there is in creation!


There were some cool things in the Egyptian section that brought back memories of our homeschool unit on Egypt.  (The boys complied for these pictures but the enthusiasm they once had when I pulled out a camera and pointed it their way has definitely diminished!)


D and P were continually drawn to weapons in practically every section we went in.  This is the only weapon shot I got.


I was drawn to pretty pots.  There are LOTS of pretty pots in the R.O.M.  Way too many if you ask D and P.


I’m not sure what the story on this purpley-blue woman is but I found her interesting.


I really like the Greek section.  Something about Greek statues appeals to me.  (It’s not the fact that most of them are nude.)


This is supposed to be Athena in her temple.  I don’t know why I took a picture of her.  It just seemed like an interesting shot because I could actually take a picture of her and not have people or lights or weird things in the background.


There was lots of this kind of carved work which turned out really nicely in photos.

There’s a lot more to the R.O.M. than I was able to photodocument.  Some displays don’t allow photography and some of the shots I tried just didn’t turn out.  It wasn’t the best museum we’ve ever been to but it did pass the time nicely and I hope we’ll be able to recount stories from this day a long time to come.