I find myself longing for green lately.  Things are still pretty white and brown here but the weather is getting warmer every day and soon I know my longing will turn into reality.  In the meantime, I thought I’d shop my home to change up the living room a little to get it more spring-y.


I started by pulling out some pretty green candles that I had in storage.  It’s hard to tell from this picture, but the sun shines through them and the whole room perks up.


I then added some fake foliage to my floating candles.  The sun shines through these too and they turn a most gorgeous emerald colour.


My favourite grocery store was selling small pots of ivy for $1 recently so I bought a couple.  The selection was a little straggly but replacing the candles that were in these urns with even straggly ivy really got the winter feel out of the room.

There’s room for a little more green.


I’d love to find a cheery green and white flowering plant for this pretty lime container.


I wouldn’t mind making some kind of green topiary for this pretty cream pot I got for $1 last year.  I’ve shopped the house but don’t seem to have what I need for this project.  Another day maybe.   I’ll have to check the wallet first to see if there is any green hiding there!