There’s a lot to love about my bedroom.  It’s spacious.  It has a large window that lets in morning sun.  The closets are big enough.  And there’s an ensuite bathroom attached to it.  It’s the sort of bedroom that has lots of potential.  I haven’t hurried to fill it.  I want to get things that I like in it.  I don’t have a huge budget for stuff so it’s been the thrill of the hunt to slowly build it to a bedroom I love.

This week I had a “Yes!” moment.  I found a bed that I really, REALLY liked on a local used site and the people that were selling it lived only about a ten minute drive away.  I spotted the ad when it had only been up for four hours and I was only the 22nd person to look at it so I thought that maybe, just maybe, I had a chance at this dream bed.  The call went through and the sellers said that since I was so close by they would give me first dibs at seeing it.  Yes!  You can probably foresee the ending to this already.  I saw the bed, loved it even more in person and got it.  Take a look:


It’s solid mahogany and dominates the space beautifully.


I love the detail on the posts.



Now to hang the chandelier, find lamps, a dresser or two and some art to fill the walls.  Let the hunt continue!

*Bonus:  DA loves the bed too and loves the thrifty way I’m putting this room together.  Double Yes!