It hasn’t been entirely unpleasant being sick this week.  If I was short on zzz’s before, I certainly can’t be now.  I got a lot of sleep!  When I wasn’t wiped out and snoring, I was contemplating life and counting my blessings (which are many).  Tops on the list are my caring and supportive husband and my versatile and independent sons.  Both were very helpful to me at a time when I needed some help.  I also got in some reading, something I haven’t taken much time to do since moving out here.  It was great to get into an interesting book even if my head felt like it was going to explode from pressure.

For me, I know I am really sick when I am willing to leave the housework.  (I come from Dutch stock, so cleanliness is in my blood.)  Dishes piled up, laundry didn’t get done, lots of furniture still has dust on it and I haven’t even gone near the vacuum for seven days.  I know I’m starting to feel better when I start tackling some of these jobs and when I start thinking of how I can improve my home.  This afternoon, I had enough energy to try a little project.

I took this frame, matte and picture apart because it was just a little boring to me.


I used some pretty wallpaper to try to make it a little more interesting.



I like how it turned out.


Now to work on making a pretty tablescape on my little painted end table.  This attempt wasn’t bad but I think I can do better.  What I really need on this table is a tall, skinny lamp…Yup, I’m definitely on the road to recovery.