I am sick.  More sick than I have been in a long, long time.  My body can’t seem to decide if it is hot or cold and it’s tired all the time.  I wash the dishes and I am tired.  I prepare a meal and I am tired.  I answer the phone and I am tired.  I have been flopping on the couch often the last few days.  I wish I could say that sleep came easily to me but it is not.  I think something in the cold and flu medication I am taking is keeping me awake.  For the first few days, all I could notice was how heavy my head felt.  How raw my nose was becoming from constant blowing.  How dried and cracked my lips were from breathing through my mouth.  At first, all I could see was what I wasn’t getting done.  The kitchen floor needs to be swept.  The computer desk is so dusty I can write messages on it.  The ensuite bathroom still hasn’t been cleaned.

I am trying to be grateful at this time.  Grateful that normally I am healthy.  I am aware that there are people who live with debilitating pain all the time.  Grateful that my children can fend for themselves.  Grateful that my husband is still healthy and is kindhearted and loving towards me when all I can do is groan.  Still, I am grateful for these things most days and started praying that I might see the beautiful in the midst of my misery.  I think it happened this morning.  I flopped on the couch after getting P off to school and noticed the dust mites swirling around in the morning sun.  It was strangely soothing and I fell asleep for a while.  The phone jolted me awake.  The school called wondering where D was.  Oh yeah, I have to call the school and let them know when my child is sick.  Getting to the phone and apologizing took all the energy I could muster.  I slunk back to the couch and then I saw it.  The morning sunlight was dancing through the window and touching the ordinary making everything anything but ordinary.  It was beautiful.  Normally I’m way to busy to notice such things.  How often am I sitting down in the living room at 9 a.m.?  Not very often.  Maybe never.  I’m usually well into conquering a list at that point in the day.

I felt hot again.  I had to get out from under the afghan.  May as well get the camera.  Too tired to move much.  Thankfully, I have some zoom and the moment wasn’t wasted.


My tropical plant loved the sun!


My plain glass candle holder turned into a diamond for a short time.


My feathery centrepiece never looked prettier.


Even the old silver plate shone!

The sun has been doing its beautifying morning after morning but I’ve missed it because I wasn’t sick enough to be laying on a couch noticing.  Thank you, Lord, for slowing me down a bit.