The story in WaumbaLand this Sunday was how Jesus healed the ten lepers.  To bring home the idea of leprosy to 3-5 year olds, I brought my sick snake with me to church.


Poor, poor snake has a serious skin problem that requires bandages.


What a sad snake.  His illness is so bad that if anyone touches him they might get sick too.  That means he’s contagious and can’t play with any of his snakey friends.  Poor, poor snake.  He’s sick and he’s lonely and he’s bored.  Even I had to handle him with gloves.


After all, I didn’t want to bring home a disease.


Can you guess what I brought home?  You got it.  I’m sick.  (I don’t think it’s snake leprosy though unless that starts out with a sore throat, a stuffed up head and a body that is cold and tired and achey all at the same time.)