SpongeBob SquarePants visited the new Super Walmart today.  I thought it would be fun to get some goofy pics of the guys with this character they have loved for so long but I was wrong.  Apparently SpongeBob is SOOOO last month (or something like that) and D and P thought it would be totally lame to have their mug seen next to his.  Of course, I found this out when we were already there and hanging around waiting for his arrival.  My urging and encouraging was going nowhere until D’s tummy started growling.  He agreed to “do it” if I would buy him a Big Mac and a root beer.  Deal.


P got a drink for letting me get this pic of him casually walking by the yellow guy’s bus.


I can’t believe it’s gotten to this.  My happy little boys are no more.  They’re cool now and Mom is WAY out of touch with how they think.  Little do they know that I actually enjoy wheeling and dealing with them and I didn’t mind the cinnamon melt I had at McD’s either.  Boys – they can be so WAY out of touch with how Moms really think.

(All photos posted with permission.  They never ask what I write with the photos which is as good as saying that they give me permission to write whatever I want to, right?)