Went looking again today, this time at Zeller’s, which just happens to be beside the grocery store I frequent regularly.  Had looked there before but that was before P decided that he would wear jeans.  I lucked out.  All of the boy jeans were marked down to $15 and if you spent more than $50 on clothing you got an extra $10 off.  I bought four pairs of jeans, three for P and one for D and hoped and prayed that they would like them.  The grand total was $50 (plus tax) which works out to about $12.50 per pair (before tax).  That’s so much better than the $27.99 a pair I was finding in other stores.  The best part was that the boys tried them on as soon as I got them home and haven’t yet taken them off.  I think I can safely say “sought and found” and check “buy P pants” off my  “to do list”.



(Comments made while I was trying to sneakily take photos of the boys in their new jeans:

D:  Mom, what are you doing?  You’re the weirdest person I know.

Me:  D, you don’t know enough people.)