Did some shopping for P today.  The boy is sprouting and ripping pants at an unprecedented rate and will soon be going to school in shorts unless I hit the stores.  Try as I might, I couldn’t find anything in his size that I was certain he would like.  (He’s at that stage in life where he’s suddenly picky about what goes on his body.  There’s no point buying him something I think is good enough.  If he doesn’t think it’s good enough it will just sit in his closet and he’ll opt to go to school in the same clothes days on end.  Anyways, I digress…)  What I did find were a few things that I liked at prices that actually brought me to the cashier with a few things in hand.

I found this:


You’re probably oohing and aahing at that amazing photo.  It’s a close up of the black herringbone pattern tablecloth I got.  Did I really need another tablecloth?  No.  But the price was too good to pass up and I could see myself pairing this beauty with all kinds of things.  Like my red chargers.


Very snazzy.

I also found these:


A pretty little teapot, creamer and sugar bowl set with handpainted cardinals on them.  They’re much prettier than my jealous camera is willing to show them.  Do I really need this set? No.  I think I snagged them up to go on the “gift shelf”.  I have a couple of candidates in mind for them already.  I couldn’t resist using them, though, as a centerpiece for a tablescape.  Here’s the teapot filled with some of P’s unused aquarium greenery and a couple of white silk roses:


And here’s attempt #2 using DA’s red roses which have finished drying:


Red roses dry very, VERY dark and try as I might I couldn’t get a good picture of them or of the teapot.  Must rig up lighting in that room specifically for taking photos.  If only P could wear table accessories, the boy would be all set!