The sink is unplugged!  Three cheers!

The countertops, sink and faucet are slated to be installed today!  Yipee!

The living room has been healed of its box infestation!  Woo Hoo!

The stuff in the storage bin promises to be freed either today or Monday.  Hip, hip, hooray!

And the furnace stopped working last night.  Why?  Well, maybe it just wanted to feel like it was a part of the home improvement movement that’s been happening here of late.  Praise God for my in-laws.  I think I called them more times yesterday than I have in my whole life.  They had lots of helpful advice to offer but the end of the story is that the little furnace that wouldn’t still won’t and I discovered that this town is woefully short of technicians who will service oil heaters.  Sigh.  Actually, make that shiver, shiver.  It be a wee bit nippy here this morning.  Well, soon I expect a monsoon of workers to arrive.  Some will finish up the basement, some will install in the kitchen and hopefully at least one will service that silent furnace.  Three companies in one morning.  Whew!

P.S.  If you’ve been kind enough to read to this point, please pray especially for DA.  He didn’t get home from work last night until well after 3 a.m. and it’s awfully rough on him to have the hammering, yammering, big booted, “door opening and closing often” crew here at 8 a.m. each morning.  Sleep deprivation is starting to seriously kick in!