Things are starting to come together around here.  The latest bunch of guys working downstairs announced yesterday that they expect by Monday to be hauling our stuff back in.  Yahoo!  DA and I have been going down there more often and feeling good about reclaiming the space.  The walls are pretty much painted, the carpet and vinyl flooring look amazing and the trim and finishing touches are under way.  It will feel SO GOOD to put things away and thoroughly clean rooms again.

Today is also the day workers are supposed to show up to install our new kitchen sink, faucet and countertops.  Only one more day of this:



I can hardly wait to enjoy my improved home.  How refreshing it will be to get up and make breakfast without hearing hammering and workboots and gentlemanly banter in the background.  How wonderful to be able to do dishes in the kitchen sink and let the bathroom be just a bathroom.  How freeing it will be to NOT have to empty the stinky water catchers under the sink before they overflow.  I am excited.  Now if the kitchen guys would just show up!