Sometimes you just have to sit down and laugh at the absurdity of things.  Yesterday was one of those days.  The carpet/vinyl flooring installers showed up without any warning in the morning.  I was in the shower when they rang the doorbell and stuck my head out long enough to yell down to the boys to let them in.  I came down moments later make-up-less, with dripping hair and sporting my painting duds which look more like painting rags now.  That’s not the funny part though.  The funny part was when the fellows hauled in the two giant rolls of carpet and the one medium size roll of vinyl flooring and piled them up so that the enormous entrance to our cavernous kitchen was completely blocked.


With DA trying to sleep in on his day off upstairs and guys working downstairs, I decided to try to clean the kitchen.  There were a pile of dishes waiting.  Doing them became quite the exercise program.  Since our kitchen sink is out of commission still the dishes must be hauled upstairs to the bathroom that has a little bit of countertop.  (The downstairs bath has a pedestal sink; very pretty but not so great for doing dishes in.)

So yesterday I found myself stacking dishes so that I could carry as many as possible, taking a giant step over the carpet and vinyl, going up seven steps, rounding a landing, going up seven more steps, plunking the dishes down on a very tiny counter, washing them in a sink that clearly wasn’t designed for that purpose, restacking them, going down seven steps, rounding the landing, going down seven more steps and doing a giant step over the carpet and vinyl.  Repeat six more times until all the dishes are washed.  (That’s 98 steps up, 98 steps down and 14 giant steps if you’re into math.)  Then on to drying  the dishes and taking eight more giant steps over carpet and vinyl to put them away in the hutch in the dining room.  Whew!  What a lot of work for such a simple task!

DA just looked at me and said, “Do think God is trying to tell us we need to exercise more?”  I could only laugh and say, “Yes, I think that’s what He’s up to.”