What do you do when you have a clear, sunny, winter day, a husband with a day off  from work and kids with a P.D. day from school all happening at the same time?   You move up for an afternoon.

We did that literally by visiting the CN Tower.


It was bonus that special pricing for Family Day started on Friday and that the first 50 people through each day got a free puzzle.



The view was spectacular with and without the machine.  What a treat to be on top of the world!


The glass floor was challenging for all of us but after some timidity we ventured out and dared to look down.

We couldn’t leave without a stop at the gift shop and D couldn’t resist giving this friendly critter a big bear hug.


And that free puzzle?  Well, that turned out to be the biggest surprise of the day.  We were expecting some sorry little thing.  What a shock to turn in the vouchure and be handed a $30 3D puzzle of the CN Tower that measures a whopping 5 feet when assembled.  D and P are working on it even as I type.

All that going up for an afternoon and having our heads in the clouds sure left us hungry.  DA led us out to a wonderful restaurant called The Old Spaghetti House and by the time we were done our meal we had a chance to see the CN Tower lit up.  Very pretty!

After all the challenges in our home this past week it was a blessing to get out with the guys I love to a place we’ve been wanting to go to for some time.  If you get the chance, move up for an afternoon.