Warning:  If you continue to look at this site you will see some of the ugliest photos you’ve ever encountered.

My home is a disaster right now.  I decided to take pictures of some of the things I hate and see if I could see them in a different light.  Here goes (in no particular order).


#1.  I hate piles of dirty laundry and partly finished school projects littering my multi-purpose kitchen.

On the other hand, looking at this photo, I’m reminded that I love my brand new front loading appliances and the fact that though I’m no longer homeschooling, the boys still bring work home from school that I can help them with.  This mess is also easily cleaned up.


#2.  This photo shows two things I hate:

(a) how my hair looks when I’m growing it out and

(b) pictures where the light is reflected badly in the glasses

What I love about this pic is that my horrible hair prompted me to buy (and wear!) a cute cap and the bad lighting draws attention to my uber funky glasses.


#3.  I hate refinishing furniture in my cavernous kitchen.

Then again, nobody is making me do this.  And spring is coming about as slowly as my basement reno so this scenario will come to an end.  Eventually, I’ll be able to reclaim my garage (it’s a drywall cutting spot and extra storage area at present) and do my fun projects there or even outside.  ( Winter WILL end, winter WILL end…)



#4.  I really, really hate my clogged kitchen sink.

It’s hard to turn this one around because it’s so annoying hauling dishes upstairs to wash in the bathroom sink.  I guess what I love about this scenario is that all my attempts to unclog it have been unsuccessful and my frustration has led my research oriented spouse to stop getting quotes on this problem and let me call someone to actually fix it.  We’ll be getting a new sink, faucet (been broken for over a year now) and countertop on Feb. 19th.  PTL!


#5.  I also really hate leaky kitchen sinks.

The plus side on this one is that I only have to put up with it for another ten days.  It’s slated to get fixed at the same time as the rest of the kitchen.  I don’t think anyone will be able to appreciate how happy I will be to NOT have to empty stinky water from a pea trap (or is that a pee trap?) two or three times a day.  Yes.  It really leaks that much.


#6.  I hate dirty dishes taking up counter space.

The obvious solution would be to wash them but the diswasher has never worked well and without a functional kitchen sink, clean up has become a task that requires a lot more time.  I think I make four to five trips up and down the stairs after dinner to see my icky blue countertops.  Again, I love the idea of all of that coming to an end.  In ten days or maybe eleven or twelve I should be able to do dishes in a shiny new sink with a faucet that doesn’t fall apart and drains that work and when I’m done I’ll see lovely dark countertops that are definitely NOT blue.


#7.  I hate recycling piling up in a corner of the multi-purpose kitchen.

I gave up early in winter to have my recycling bins in the garage.  If I parked the van in there it was VERY difficult to get them out.  When I had the bins outside and piled stuff in them the constant snow we would get would freeze the stuff to the bins.  The garbage man just dumps them once and if the stuff doesn’t come out…well…it doesn’t come out.  At some point I tried to put the bins in the garage only to find that the garage door had frozen to the ground.  Ice chipping ensued along with some muttering under the breath and a decision to bring the recycling out the night before garbage day so it had less chance to get frozen in the bins.  Hence, the pile up in my kitchen.

I’m loving this because the temperatures are starting to get above zero which means I should be able to get back in the habit of daily bringing the junk out without any risk of anything freezing.  I LOVE SPRING and that’s what it feels like for me when that little red line nudges even a little above zero.


#8.  I hate that my living room is still pretty much barricaded with boxes from downstairs.

I love this mess because it’s a reminder that the basement is getting done and the narrow opening in this room causes DA and I to think about losing our winter blub.  You have to suck in a bit if you want to get to the couch.  We need some reminding that we’re both carrying around a few extra pounds.


#9.  I hate overexposed photos.  I AM white in the winter but even I am not THIS ghostly white.

I love this picture because even though you don’t see clearly my pretty hand and my lovely wedding ring, you do see my cutesy $5 Walmart boots.  I love bargains!


#10.  I hate how televisions make a room look yucky.

This little tele is set up temporarily in our bedroom while the basement/T.V. room/guys’ hangout gets revamped.  The boys curl up in our bed to watch it.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had my children crawl into bed with me.  Maybe I love this because it reminds of when the boys were cute and cuddly and actually thought it was a treat to be with me.  Or maybe I love this because I can remind myself that this is temporary; this too shall come to an end.  Wowzas, it will be great to retreat to my room without having to step over two pre-teen bodies and all the junk they bring with them.


#11.  I hate piles of stuff.  These are some of my husband’s models.  They are temporarily stacked on the other side of our room until his man cave is finished downstairs.

I guess I love this pile because it reminds me that there is a man in my life again.  Well, I’m trying hard to look at the piles and think that anyways.  I still hate piles of stuff.


#12.  I hate plants that pee when they are watered.  This one urinates so badly that I now water it in the bathroom sink and wait until it’s done before putting it back in it’s lovely pot.  It used to get its nourishment at the kitchen sink but..well…that kitchen sink…well you know!

I love this picture because for once I have an indoor plant that I am keeping alive.  If I water it as soon as I see it starting to droop it perks right back up and grows more foliage.  If houseplants knew me, they’d cringe when I approached them in the store.  Many, many of them have ended up in my compost heap.  This hearty fella is living in my home and has made it past infancy.  A first!

That’s it.  Twelve things I hate all happening at the same time challenging me to look and think differently than I naturally look and think.