I’ve been thinking and praying about who I can “target” for Valentine’s Day this year.  Since I’ve moved out this way, I’ve met a lot of fine folk but none that are “needy” enough to need a surprise gift.  That’s because all but one of the people I’ve come to know are in happy relationships.  The one that isn’t is 21, cute and has no problem getting attention from the opposite sex.  Not to be deterred, I’ve come up with two candidates but I won’t be able to give to them anonymously.  One doesn’t live in the same province as I do and the other lives in a different country.

Candidate #1 is my first mother-in-law.  (I now have two!)  She’s been widowed since 2000, has no family living near her, lives in the little Quebec town that has set the record for lowest temperature so far this winter, has two sons that aren’t of the gift and card giving extraction and has had health challenges recently.  A number of years ago she sold her house and now lives in a rented apartment.  She is considering moving again to where she can get better care so she doesn’t want “stuff”.  She loves, loves, loves chocolate though and is pretty excited that researchers are now touting the health benefits of dark chocolate.  For her, I’ll gussy up this bag of chocolates


by putting it in a pretty box with some homemade cookies (chocolate chip of course!) and a homemade card.  (She only speaks French and other-language cards are pretty much non-existent here.)  The card could be a challenge because all my scrapbook stuff that I normally rely on is in storage right now while our basement slowly gets refinished.  I may have to draw something.  Hmmm…I’ll have to think about that.

Candidate #2 is my sponsored child Katherine Cristina.  She’s six, lives in Honduras, is being raised by a single mom (the dad abandoned the family) and has 12 siblings.  I can only imagine how challenging her little life is.  For her I went to the “pink section” of the Dollar Store.


I don’t even know if they have Valentine’s Day in Central America so I went with a Princess theme for this special little girl.


Having two sons of my own, nine nephews and only one niece, I don’t get to the pink part of any store very often.  What a refreshing change to look at something pretty, something that doesn’t wound, maim or destroy.  I hope this simple little collection makes her feel like a queen.

It doesn’t feel like much but sometimes it doesn’t take much to make a difference in someone’s life.