My photos aren’t going to do my latest project justice but I’ll show them anyways.  Remember these freebie filing cabinets?


We have two of them and they are actually in worse shape than my lying camera may show.  The one shown here is missing hardware and both of them were pretty dinged up.  I decided to take one of them apart, paint it white and distress it.  Remember?


Well, I finished up and managed to get all the pieces back together again.  No screws left over.  That’s always a good sign!  I couldn’t get any amazing shots of the finished project so you’ll have to use your imagination on these attempts.  The piece actually looks pretty snazzy and will look even better (I think!) once I varnish it.


One down, one to go!  Amazing how a little paint, elbow grease and some new knobs can totally change a piece.