If you’re reading the title of this post and imagining that I am going to show pics of my shapely gams (which ARE a lovely alabaster shade this time of year) let me put your fears to rest.  My appendages will not show themselves until the thermometer rises considerably and they almost never show up in photographs.  (I’m very intentional about that!)

What you WILL see are THESE lovely legs which I took off of those free filing cabinets we got.


O.K.  They are NOT looking so lovely YET but that’s because they only have one coat of paint on them presently.

I’m fairly new at the art of painting furniture.  In the past, I whipped through projects with zeal wanting to get to the finished part.  This time around, I’m slowing things down a bit and trying to do a really good job.  I started by taking one of the filing cabinets apart.  That step alone really helped me to do a better job of sanding.


I almost couldn’t bring myself to paint these white; they looked so nice all battered after using sandpaper on them.  To be honest, I have never painted anything white before and am wondering if I’ll like the end result or not.  I can’t wait to put another coat of paint on those “milk bottles” but this time around I’m determined to let the paint cure for a full six hours before applying more. I am reminding myself that nothing ever looks good with just one coat of paint.  I am also thinking that “My Legs” would be a marvelous name for a paint chip that is white with just the slightest hint of pink in it.  I still won’t show you any pics to prove that that is a true statement.  Count yourself lucky!