It’s not often that one gets a square dancing lesson and a fish fileting demonstration in the course of a few hours but I was lucky enough to have it happen to me.  The church I’ve been attending hosted a Volunteer Hoedown yesterday evening and being a volunteer at said church I went.  Like most church events it started with chowing down on grub.  I have to say that this was the first potluck I have been to where someone brought a platter of frog legs to share.  I wasn’t brave enough to sample those but when it came to the part where we got to learn to square dance I was up trying to recruit a partner.  I snagged one, joined three other couples that I had never met before and off we went whirling and twirling and dosey-doeing.  I certainly didn’t make entertainer of the evening but I did laugh a lot.

While I was dancing up a storm, the love of my life was off ice fishing.  He landed a couple of good sized white fish and some perch.  I came home to find that he had put them out in the snow on the back deck.  Many moons ago I had expressed a desire to learn how to filet fish and my hubbie was determined that yesterday night would be the night I would learn said task.  So there we were at close to 11:00 p.m. bloodying up the kitchen with hacked up fish.  Of course, I had to get the camera out for such a momentous date night.  DA found that funny but didn’t object.

One thing I wanted was a new “DA and fish shot”.   You see, when we first started corresponding the ONLY photos I got of him were ones with a big fish front and center.  Here’s one to add to my growing collection:


And here’s a beauty of a shot of perch in our kitchen sink:


Followed by some less than beautiful shots of my fileting lesson:


DA always wants to cut open the stomach to see if he can see what his prize catches have eaten.  He was rewarded with the tiny minnow you see on the fleshy part of the second fish.

So square dancing followed by fish fileting ( and clean-up!) it was.  It’s a beautiful thing to learn new skills.