The boys weren’t all that impressed with my supper tonight but I was.  You see, shortly after they ran out the door to catch the bus for school I headed out too.  I volunteered at a local long term care facility for a few hours, scarfed down some lunch in the van and then went to my paper delivery job.  I have five routes totaling 211 papers.  Today was my first day doing them and I spent some time learning the inner roads of Orillia and playing the “find the mailbox” game.  It took me three and a half hours to do all five routes on foot.  I got a ton of exercise pulling those papers through the snow and running up and down driveways and steps.  I almost finished in time to beat the guys home from school.  They were here about 15 minutes before me.  Without missing a beat I got the highlights of their day and started in on making tortilla bowls and homemade chili.  While things were cooking I was chopping veggies and grating cheese and setting the table ever so nicely.


I think I pulled off a healthy, nutritious and dare I say delicious supper all things considering.  The biggest complaint from D and P was that I tucked in way too many vegetables.  It’s all a matter of perspective I guess.