I invited my neighbour over for tea today and then found out that she had celebrated a birthday on Monday.  Well.  I just had to make this more than an ordinary tea get together.  Birthdays only come once a year after all!  This was the perfect excuse to buy some flowers.


They will only sit in my living room until this afternoon but I intend to enjoy them.  I almost never buy flowers but I do linger by them often in the grocery store.  Winter is so white and grey and boring.  I miss the colours of summer especially now that Christmas is over and all the decor has come down.  These tulips just add a burst of unexpected Spring magenta to my somber looking living room.  It’s such a little thing but it totally delights me!


I hope my neighbour likes them too.  I picked up a couple of tiny little bakery made chocolate cakettes in honour of the celebration as well.  Flowers and chocolate.  Can there be a better way to say anything?