I’ve introduced the boys to “C is For Cookie” and we’ve had some laughs with it.  I made another batch of homemade goodies but this time I put them in a container on the kitchen counter.  What went out in a pretty wooden bowl front and center for all to access were clementines, another “C food” and one that I consider the wonder food of winter.


Now I feel like the new Cookie Monster who looks at those clementines and then says,  Mmmm…fruit” and then looks over at the cookies and says, “Mmmm…cookies”.  The cookies win out sometimes but then again they are a “sometime food”.  Fruit, on the other hand, falls into the “anytime food” category on Sesame Street.


The fruit wins hands down in the cheerful colour department.  These really are the perfect winter fruit.  Not only are they delicious and nutritious but they are eye candy when all the world ourside is monochromatic white.  Who can’t feel good looking at that perky orange?


Don’t they look appetizing gracing my new “after Christmas, got it for dirt cheap” table runner?  O.K.  Gotta run.  Clementines are an “anytime food” and right now is anytime.