I tried out a new Bible study this week.  As part of the meet and greet session, the leader gave each table several conversation starter questions to answer.  One of the tables got the question  “If you could wake up each morning and open the curtains to a panoramic view, what would you like to see?”  I immediately knew what my answer would be.  I’d like to see trees.  Maybe even an arboretum.  I find trees very beautiful and therefore I take pictures of them.  I have a whole folder labled “trees”.  The photos I like best get made into framed sepia toned prints and hung in the ensuite bathroom.  It’s become my little art gallery.


There were six frames up but now there are seven.


This perspective shot got added recently.

There’s still lots of wall space for more so you can be sure I’ll continue to enjoy trees and immortalize them on film.  You can also be sure that on days like today when it is just too cold to be outside I’ll be enjoying my pictures of memorable times, places and trees.