It snowed here yesterday.  That’s hardly blog-worthy.  It’s been snowing here since late October.  DA and I acknowledged the snow, watched it come down and saw that the driveway should be shovelled.  Neither one of us felt like doing it though.  So we didn’t.  When it was time to head out we simply cleared the snow from our vehicles and plowed our way through the snow to the road which also hadn’t been plowed.  Thankfully we didn’t get stuck.

I really don’t mind shovelling the driveway.  It’s very good exercise and I always feel the thrill of victory when I actually manage to clear it really well.  I think I’m fighting some bug.  Or maybe the novelty of it has worn off and I’m longing for a new form of exercise.  (That will come soon enough when we get back to lawn mowing weather.)

The long and the short of it is that though I went out several times yesterday, I didn’t shovel.  I just tried to use the ruts I had made from my first venture out.  DA is back at work now and the boys are away on a three day school trip to Camp Muskoka so it was just me at home yesterday evening.  I decided that I wouldn’t shovel but instead plowed my way out to Home Depot and then a movie that I wanted to see that DA wasn’t very interested in.  I loved it!

What a joy to come home to find that the driveway had been cleared.  My neighbour has an ancient looking snowplow.  He faithfully gets on the old bitty everytime it snows and clears his driveway.  Really, his beast looks more like a lawnmower with a blade attached to it.  We have a shovel.  I’m sure he looks at us with pity even though his machine is nothing that will grace any magazine covers.  That kind-hearted man came over and plowed our driveway while I was off entertaining myself at a movie!  I feel a bit guilty but also very grateful.  Kindness, especially the unexpected and undeserved kind, is beautiful.