I found these pictures on-line.  The wall art is made of styrofoam covered with either scrapbooking paper or fabric.  It’s such a simple idea and yet it can really make a statement on a big wall.  I have a lot of those in this house so I’m seriously thinking about sourcing some styrofoam squares.

I’ve also been looking at lamps on-line.  I was hoping to find a pic of the ones I saw at Zellers in their new “Elements of Living” section.  It’s a rare day that I am wowed by anything in Zellers but I have to say that their new “metal, stone and wood” categories had me checking twice to see if I was really in Zellers.  It’s that nice!  Already a few items from each section are in the sale flyer.  It’s only a matter of time before my lamps get featured.

In the mean time, DA and I thought this lamp had merit:


I love it but I don’t love the price tag on it.  Those skinny little duck legs must be made of real gold or something!  DA thinks that he can cast some duck-like appendages for me out of modelling stuff.  I don’t see that happening anytime soon.  Just as well.  If he actually did, I couldn’t possible hide away such a treasure in our room.  It would have to go front and centre somewhere so that it could be the conversation piece I think it’s supposed to be.  And that would mean rearranging more stuff to find a place for it.  No thanks!  There’ll be enough of that sort of work when the basement gets put back together!