DA and I bought a used dehumidifier a few days ago.  It was relatively new and selling for a pretty low price.  When we arrived to purchase it, we found out that the young man selling it was highly motivated to get rid of stuff.  He was moving to Thailand in three days and couldn’t take much with him.  There were a couple of small filing cabinets we were also interested in looking at.  He decided to throw them in for free if we took the dehumidifier.  They’re nothing amazing but with a bit of work they could make good end tables for our bedroom.  I like the fact that they can double as filing cabinets.


This is the less sightly of the pair.  With some sanding, a coat of paint and some new hardware I think they could be useful and beautiful.


The filing cabinet/end tables only look really tall.  The reality is that DA and I don’t have a bed yet.  We have a really good mattress and boxspring sitting on the floor.  I’ve seen beds I like in magazines and on-line but they’re usually quite pricey and quite far away.  I dread to think how much it would cost to ship a bed from, say, California.

The other alternative I’ve been considering is to put our mattress and boxspring on an inexpensive bed frame or platform and then build a custom headboard.  Ideas for this abound on the internet and it kind of appeals to me to have something that is completely unique in our room, something we crafted ourselves.  I really want the bed to have presence and the end tables to fade a bit into the background.

Here are a few ideas that intrigued me:


This impressive headboard is made up of many lightweight Ikea mirrors hung side by side.


This is a similar idea but it’s made up of many padded squares hung for dramatic purpose behind the bed.  I like how the eye is drawn to those wall embellishments and the rest of the furniture recedes into the background.  It probably helps that the room has that interesting roof and window feature in it.  Our room is just a box.  DA was rather partial to this idea.  It really wouldn’t be that difficult and would be more cost efficient than getting a big fancy bed.


I wouldn’t do this one but I thought it was interesting.  The headboard is a shelf with hooks on it holding up a large bench cushion.  It’s definitely unique and the cream and blue colour scheme is what I am shooting for in our room.  I want to pair it with dramatic black and white though for a more modern feel.  Blue isn’t my favourite colour but the carpet in our room is that shade and I felt it best to keep the walls the same colour and add colours that I really do like – creams, whites, browns and blacks.  I’m not sure it will work but I’m going to give it my best effort.

I think I’m going to paint the filing cabinets white.  The doors and trim in the room are white and I’m hoping that I can make them less of a focal point.  The lamps will eventually go back downstairs.  I have spotted some to take their place but haven’t broken down and paid full price for them yet.  They have to go on sale sometime, right?  Again, I’m hoping that getting cool lamps will detract from the end tables.

It’s kind of exciting to have a painting project again.  It will have to keep for a while until the basement gets done and there’s some order and space in this crazy house I call home.  The worst that can happen is that I totally mess up in our room which is not such a disaster.  The many mistakes I’ve made decorating help me to learn what I do like and what does work.