This is the time of year that a lot of people start implementing their new year’s resolutions.  I’ve set up a few goals for the rooms to be done downstairs.  First off, I want to be patient while living in a home that’s under siege from stuff everywhere.  DA and I got a call this morning that the clean up guys will be back Monday afternoon to measure and give a quote for the work to be done.  When I first met with them I was informed that they had been swamped with 300 calls in one week for flood recovery.  I have no idea how long a process this will be and I’m hoping that insurance covers the whole tab.  I’ve never done anything like this before and there’s always the fear that we’ll be stuck in our current condition of chaos for months on end.

Secondly, I want a simple plan for each room to make it better than it was before.

Here’s our furnace room as it looks right now:


My goal for this area is to make better use of space.  With the influx of DA’s possessions we have some more things to go in storage.  Surely some inexpensive, even used, shelves would improve this spot.

This is DA’s cave:


The goal for this room is to get DA out of boxes and get him installed and working here.  He’s a fantastic modeler and enjoys his hobby immensely.  It would be great to see him happily plugging away in his cave in 2009.

This is the guest bedroom:


It was coming along nicely before the flood.  My goal here is to finally make curtains for that little window.

And here’s the room that’s been bugging me:



It’s long, narrow and windowless with a large boarded up area in the middle of the longest wall.  My goal for this room is to draw up a pleasing configuration for it.  I want it to be a place where the guys can hang out and enjoy themselves and a place that I can go down to and not be bugged by.  This space will be a challenge but if I can even get a vision for it, I can start shopping around to make it happen.

This is the area under the stairs:


There’s actually a lot of useable space here.  My goal for this spot is to maximize it.  If I could build something like this


I’d be pretty pleased!

These are all very shallow goals.  I’m grateful to have a home that’s still standing and to have the possibility of seeing it improved.  I know from past experience that the mess and noise of renovation will threaten to bring out the worst in me.  Maybe it’s for this reason this has happened to us.  God is faithful and wants to deal with my impatience and my bad attitude fueled by circumstances outside my control.  He wants that inner beauty and joy that isn’t ruffled by the inconveniences of life.  I hope for a more beautiful home in the months to come but even more than that I hope for a more beautiful, Christlike character this year.