Slate.  Smoke.  Lead.  Stone.  Ash.  Pewter.  Iron.  Cement.

This is my clever attempt to embrace a colour that doesn’t naturally resonate with me.  I love the look of slate floors.  Smoke from a campfire is a good thing when it’s blowing away from me.  Lead is just a really neat, succinct word.  Stone conjures up all kinds of happy images of beaches and favourite spots.  Ash is the pretty residue the morning after a really good campfire.  Pewter is one of my favourite metals.  Iron denotes strength to me.  And cement is really cool for memorializing hands and feet and making one of a kind garden stepping stones.

If you haven’t guessed already, I’m trying to embrace the colour grey.  It was everywhere when I went for a walk today.   At first thought it’s seriousness, pessimism, heaviness and coldness wrapped up in a hue.  Those are things I don’t readily embrace.  Thinking a little deeper it’s the above list to me.  Things I can embrace with a little imagination.

That’s the big lead in to the visual representation of my verbosity.  Here’s my pic of grey: