The boys’ rooms are disaster zones.  The basement is still a soggy mess from yesterday’s flood.  The kitchen is full of boxes and things drying out.   The many items that had been in storage downstairs have been moved to higher ground willy-nilly style.  The laundry is threatening to take over what little space the wet boxes have left.  The stairway is lined with doodads that need to be placed either up or downstairs.  My husband and boys have been home for just over a week and our home looks like it’s been hit by a tornado.  I’m trying to deal with it all but need to take sanity breaks.  Living in chaos is very overwhelming and difficult for me.

One of the things that has been helping is to actively count my blessings.  One small blessing of so many boxes coming upstairs to dry out is that I discovered something that I forgot I had purchased last year – Christmas crackers.  They just had to come out and be part of a tablescape yesterday.  We were all tired from the excitement and work of water flowing into the house and we all needed an escape to beauty.

DA and I took off for a bit to get some fixings for a nice dinner.  He made spaghetti sauce from scratch and I decorated the  dining room a bit to bring some semblance of normal life to our inundated home.



It was wonderful to have low light and lit candles and to leave behind for a spell the troubles of the day.  The Christmas crackers went off with a bang for some of us and brought some merriment to the evening.

I also dug out the fancy candle snuffer that came from DA’s grandparents.


Even that small touch made the dinner seem more luxurious.  We ate and laughed and enjoyed ourselves and even talked about putting on our “wellies” and watching “Ice Age 2:  The Meltdown”.  We didn’t but I’m thinking it could have made some very memorable photos if we had.  That meal, that small escape to beauty, really helped calm me down and buoyed my spirits.  It reminded me again of why I try so hard to do what I can to make my home lovely.  Beauty, even in small doses here and there, really makes a difference.