Sometimes you have to choose what you are going to think about.  Our basement flooded this morning and definitely required some attention.  We worked hard at doing what we could in the situation but now we have to wait for things to dry and for the work week to start to call the insurance people.  My mind is a bit discouraged thinking about all that still needs to be done but I realize that I don’t HAVE to be preoccupied with it.  There is much to be thankful for.  For starters, my husband was home and his family dropped everything to rush over and help us out.  Between my husband and my new father-in-law a  sump pump was purchased and  installed and the water was sucked out pretty quickly.  The damage was minimal in retrospect.

But rather than go on and on about that, I am choosing to relish in the memory of last night for right now.  The boys got invited out to a movie with friends and for the first time in a long time DA and I had a meal with only the two of us.  We just heaped leftovers on our plates but I couldn’t resist eating our “romantic” meal by candlelight with napkins and everything.


Aren’t those candlesticks something?  The sparkly additions came from one of those boxes from DA’s grandparents.


And the napkin rings were a Christmas gift.


Yeah, I’m definitely enjoying the memory of last night more than the memory of disaster recovery this morning.  So glad I get to choose what I’m going to think about.