Since I have spare time on my hands, I have been working diligently on creating Jesse Tree tags.  I hope to find some sort of tree to hang them on and do some Bible study in the coming months so that when advent rolls around next year I’ll have everything ready.  Basically, the tags are symbols of the stories leading up to Jesus’ birth.  They are to remind us of God’s faithfulness and His plan of redemption that begins right at the beginning of the Bible and is realized fully in Jesus Christ.  For each tag there should be some Scripture reading and I hope some discussion.


Here’s a close up of the tag for Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist:


And here’s one that I conjured up all by myself for Jesus in the manger:


All of the tags are hand drawn but some of the designs were influenced by what I found on the internet.  I’m most proud of the ones that I drew out of my own noggin.  I thoroughly enjoyed this project and look forward to using my artwork as a devotional aid next year.