I feel like starting this posting by saying it’s brought to you by the letter sound “long E”.  That sounds dumb but here goes.

Long E can be spelled “ea” as in TEA.


Aren’t my tea things pretty?  (Gasp, did you catch that?  Long E can also be spelled “y” as in PRETTY.)  I had tea for two with my neighbour yesterday in the parlour.  Actually we sipped in my living room but for a spell it was just like a parlour.  No kids.  No toys.  Everything freshly cleaned and festive looking for my guest.  Soft music humming in the background and lots of chatting in the foreground.  Very pretty indeed.

Long E can also be spelled “ee” as in FREE.


I went to a friend’s home yesterday for a potluck.  As she was giving us a tour of the house she walked us by the heap going to the Goodwill.  We were instructed to take anything we wanted to.  I just had to ask for this adorable plush Eeyore (even his name starts with Long E!) for DA.  My wonderful hubbie can be the living version of this endearing character.  Even the tail falls off of him.


So perfect to put a smile on my darling’s face!

Long E can also be spelled “e”  as in ME.


Here I am looking all festive in a Santa hat for the potluck and here’s a couple of pics of what I brought:


This is the first yule log I’ve ever made.  I was so impressed with myself for pulling this recipe off!

In case no one liked it, I had peanut butter cookies (yikes!  Long E can even be spelled “ie” as in COOKIES) and mini (more long E’s!  Did you catch that it can be spelled “i” as in MINI?) chocolate bars as a backup.  Here are my cookies looking like they’ve been styled for a magazine shoot:


Guess it was an “e”-sy kind of day. ( Ew…that’s so CHEESY!)