DA’s work schedule allows him to have dinner with us twice a week.  Those suppers are usually a little more special with DA cooking and me setting the table with whatever I can find.  My darling husband was in the the mood to do some Southeast Asian cuisine yesterday so I wanted the table to be simple and yet somehow appropriate to the dish he was working on.

I came up with pulling some woven circle placemats off the wall (they really do a good job of being contemporary art for a big space) and topping them very simply with a plate, a casually folded napkin and the only utensil we would need for this meal – a fork.



I moved the candles from a Christmas display to little wooden salad bowls and placed them on a coordinating napkin in the middle of the table.  We were having water with our meal so I kept the glasses simple too.



I don’t know how to spell what we ate yesterday.  All I know is that it was yummy over rice and the meal was a success.