The deck outside my kitchen didn’t always look like this:


It has snowed every day here for I don’t know how many days in a row.  It is snowing again even as I type and we could get 15 -25 cm more accumulation before the day is out.  Couple that with some sickness in the house and I’m choosing to enjoy the great indoors.

DA made a lovely dinner last night even though he wasn’t feeling 100% himself.  It called for some napkin folding with some pretty napkin rings, the hauling out of the crystal wine glasses and the lighting of some candles.


Enjoying a well cooked meal in a pretty setting with the guys I love is definitely a great indoor activity.

My own nauseated tum slowed me down enough to get me drawing again.  I’m intriqued by the idea of a Jesse Tree but haven’t seen anything I really like on the internet.  (Yes.  Internet surfing is another great indoor activity especially if you feel like throwing up.)  That spurred my creative side and led to me making my own ornaments.  I want my tree to look something like this next year:


So I’ve gotten started on designing the tags.


The idea behind the Jesse Tree is to do a reading from the Old Testament each day for the season of Advent to show how Jesus is the fulfillment of prophecy.  For each reading, you hang an appropriate ornament.  This is the first ornament showing the Jesse Tree from Isaiah 11:


I hope to add some gold to these ornaments by way of ribbon and fine gold marker highlights.  I think that it will be a novel way to think about who Jesus is.  The Old Testament has a lot to say about Him and since we seem to be stuck indoors more during the month of December (the days are very short now!) I think we could do this exercise easily for evening devotions.  That won’t happen until next year (LW) as I still have a lot of ornaments to make and a lot of embellishing to do on the ones I’ve already started.  Then there’s the small issue of the tree branches and how to display them.  This is proving to be a great indoor project.  It’s been so long since I’ve been settled enough to draw!