Both the computer and I have been a wee bit under the weather lately.  DA managed to cure the computer’s connectivity problems but unfortunately hasn’t been able to do much for my nauseated tummy.  Still, I’ve managed to do a few updates.

Remember this piece that I found abandoned on the roadside some time ago?


It’s made a very useful shoe garage and it got a little prettier yesterday.  I gave it a coat of that Aura “black black” paint and it now feels like one of the family.  I’d love to show you a picture of it but I just couldn’t get any good ones in the dim evening lighting.

I also tried a really simple craft using some tiny frames I’ve had for years and some leftover letters from P’s recent science project.


The gold frames go with this year’s colour scheme and look kind of festive on the kitchen window sill.


The other decorations help.


Finally, I have to show you a picture of some special updates that showed up on our country road for a spell.


Those little dark blobs on the roads are actually wild turkeys.  (I don’t have great zooming capabilities on my camera and didn’t have the gumption to go chasing them down so you’ll have to believe me that those grainy things in my photo are really turkeys.)  They totally took me by surprise when they hopped out of the ditch and started strolling down our dead end street.  I’ll have to get some corn and see if I can get them to come on the front lawn, maybe even in the boys’ fort.