A few years ago I got asked fairly often, “So…what do you do for fun?”  I didn’t have an answer for that back then.  I was a widow and a single parent to young boys living on a low income.  It seemed like a funny question to me.  I didn’t allow time or money for something as extraneous as fun.  The closest I got to amusement was window shopping at the mall but that was usually done with the ulterior motive of running my young ‘uns ragged on days where the weather wasn’t cooperating with me.  I didn’t actually get to enjoy much in any of the stores.  Who would take two little boys into any place where there is anything nice to look at?  Not me!

Well, now that I have leisure time, I’ve finally figured out what is fun for me.  I like to scavenge thrift stores, paint things, try my hand at interior decorating, set the table, take pictures and write.  I’m finally at the place where I know that and can admit it out loud without embarrassment.  My likes aren’t the cool ones.  I don’t surf (well, I do on the internet but no waves for me).  I don’t rock climb or even secretly long to.  Partying doesn’t appeal to me.  The thought of a canoe trip is interesting but it also seems like a lot of work.  I’ve never skiied and likely never will.  I’m not training for a tri-athlon and I have never skeet shooted.  I don’t even golf or watch sports on television.  I guess from looking on-line I realize that I’m not so weird for finding the first list fun and the second one far less tantalizing.  There are others out there like me.  They just don’t live in my house or even in my neighbourhood that I know of.  Maybe there are some in my city.  I truly hope I get to meet them.  Maybe they would appreciate this more than my family does:


I only made English style fish and chips last night with a tossed green salad as a side but I really wanted a pretty table set.  The gold chargers came out and I tried a new fold for my new napkins.


See how the gold candle stand looks so pretty with the rest of the tablescape?


Notice how there is no food or children in any of these pics.  They add flavour and liveliness to the table but not beauty.  I’m still at the point of trying to get D and P to sit properly (how many years have we been working on that?), use their utensils to eat with and not as weapons (they have great imagination for the latter) and to understand that burping, farting and making noises with their arm pits does not count as dinner entertainment.  I love my guys but eating with them can sometimes be more like swine coming to the trough.  They even go so far as to liken my food to slop at times.  The nerve!  The “please” and “thank yous” are coming along but the “My compliments to the chef” not so much.  So I take my pictures in the calm before the storm that we call dinner.


Note:  The meals that I get to eat with my husband are not so much like the ones mentioned above.  The love of my life works evenings and weekends though so at most we get to eat dinner with him twice a week.