DA headed off to work this morning and P got deposited at a birthday party.  That left D and I to hang out together and do some bargain hunting.  We both wanted to go to Liquidation World as we had heard that they were having sales on the hour, every hour.  D had his eye on a poker set and I went open minded hoping to find some amazing treasure or other.  We went our separate ways and then met up to see what we had found.  D was all excited because he found an even better poker set than the one he had spotted before and because the stickers had been ripped off the case, a sales person said it was only $5.  He scooped it up and whispered to me that the same set at Wal-Mart was $30.  He didn’t care that the packaging was imperfect.  The contents were all there and he was thrilled with his deal.  Me?  I had found the perfect napkins for my gold Christmas dinner and they had a black slash through the original price meaning they were 30% reduced.  When I showed D my find he looked at me as only a twelve year old boy can and stated matter of factly, “Mom, I think you’re the only person who can get excited about napkins.”  Perhaps.

I didn’t quite get to my napkins for dinner but while my chicken enchiladas were cooking, I couldn’t help throwing together a quick tablescape.  When I rang the dinner bell, this is what met the boys:


They gave me that look and said, “We’re having clementines for supper?”  I explained to them that I had bought new clementines and wanted to have the old ones eaten so I decided to put dessert out first.  They then looked at me and said, “So why are the clementines on those funny spoons?”  To which I replied, “Because they look nice on these spoons.”  Their faces told me that they thought I was nuts.  That was confirmed when the words spilled out of their mouths moments later.

Since I had a little time before DA came home for dinner, I thought that I would add a cleverly folded napkin to his setting.  I didn’t use one of my new napkins.  I practiced on an old one and came up with this:


If you saw this


or this


what would it say to you?  That someone loves you?  Or wow, this mama is nuts?  Why can’t mamas and the guys they love spreken the same langue, eh?