O.K.  If you were to go to Home Depot or someplace like that I’m sure you couldn’t find a fixture with the word “boob light” on it.  That’s my name for one of these:


We have one of these standard builder lights in our master bedroom.  It works but it isn’t the sort of romantic light that wows me while laying in bed.  Many moons ago, I found a light fixture that I like much better.  It was a bargain at $10 and it only needed its overall colour changed.  It started out a blue-green.  You can sort of see the original colour on the chain in this picture:


Of course, I painted it black with that lovely Aura “black black” paint that seems to stretch from project to project.


I have a little more touching up to do on it and then I will have to wait until my dad (or someone handier than DA and I) can come over and install it.  Sorry boob, black beauty will soon be giving you the boot.