DA and I want to change the kitchen a bit.  Actually, it’s me that wants to change the kitchen more than DA.  He admits that we need a new sink and faucet and he’d like to get an island to fill the gaping hole that is most of our kitchen to give us less open space and more workable surface.  I want to do all that and change the colour scheme.  Our original kitchen was navy blue and white.  I am not a blue person.  I really, really want the blue counter tops to go.  Fortunately, they’re scratched up and the laminate ones we both like aren’t too expensive.  There was just the small detail of the navy grout in the white tiled backsplash to contend with.


DA and I make no claims to being handy.  We don’t mind the white tiles really.  They match our white appliances and white trim.  It was just that navy blue grout that was the problem for me.  We didn’t want to have to take this tile off the wall and try putting up something else so my darling hubbie suggested I try painting the grout white.  Why not?  I paint a lot of other things.


I used Bullseye primer since I had some of it left from another project and it’s supposed to stick to any surface.  This isn’t an area of our home that takes a lot of abuse so I didn’t think I needed to invest in anything out of the ordinary.  After multiple coats and some scraping and cleaning, I now have gleaming white grout.


I have no idea if this was a great idea or not but I do know that I’m feeling less blue about seeing less blue.