I tried this idea to cover my tree’s bald top:


I found four giant white bows at Zeller’s marked down to 87 cents each.  I saw potential in them and accordingly nabbed them.  For the tree topper I twist tied three of them together and just sat them on top like a hat.

I think it looks like a giant bow.  D took one look at it and said, “Why’d you put a bunch of material on top of the tree?  You’re supposed to put an angel or a star up there.”  P didn’t really notice and didn’t seem to care too much.  DA hasn’t seen it yet as far as I know; he’s still sleeping from working the evening shift.  I thought it kind of looked modern and I liked the fact that I didn’t have to purchase anything extra.  I can easily take this apart and use the bows for other purposes if I want to.


D also mentioned that trees are supposed to have skirts under them.  Guess he did actually notice a few things while doing all that window shopping as a toddler!  I find tree skirts pretty but also kind of expensive.  I thought that I could repurpose an old tablecloth from my former dining room table to do double duty.


Works for me.  There will be a few gifts going down there anyways so it doesn’t have to be perfect.