It is snowing out again today.  Since the white stuff is seeming more like a permanent fixture and less like a seasonal anomaly, I figured I better get the garage cleaned up so that I can actually use it to park my van in.  There were just a few things that needed to go up in the mezzanine.  Trouble is that there were already quite a few things up there and being as short as I am, even on a ladder, I knew I would have trouble getting some of my bulkier items up and over what was already tossed up there.  The solution was to take the fake Christmas tree down.  Getting those irregular shaped bags down left room for the hoses and a small table that were previously keeping my van out in the cold.

Having the tree down in pieces, I had to move it or I was no better off than before.  So the tree pieces came inside.  I could have hauled them downstairs and made room for them in the furnace room but I knew that I would just be hauling them back up again shortly.  Laziness set in and I decided to just set the tree up in the living room where it would grace our abode over the holidays.

I left it bare for a few days but then figured that while I was home with some time on my hands I may as well trim it.  With a winter wonderland peeping in my windows it somehow seemed appropriate to have a prettily clad Christmas tree peering out.


Here’s a close-up from my lying camera.  It insists on showing things bluish when in fact the tree is covered in gold and ivory without a hint of blue anywhere.


I think my fakie tree is supposed to be a blue spruce and maybe the tree is casting some kind of wierd bluish tinge on everything.  Or it could just be my lying camera.


Here’s the same picture with a little photo editing to make it look a little more like it does in real life.  In reality my walls are a colour called artichoke heart.  In this picture they look more dreamy creamy.  That’s closer than the pale grey colour I got in the above picture with that not so truthful camera of mine.

My work got an “Ooh… very nice” from DA and an “It needs a star or angel on the top, I think”.  The man has spoken so I feel entitled to purchase something for my bald tree.

Last year’s special ornament is hanging front and central.


It’s a reminder of a very big blessing from last year:  the purchase of the house we’re living in and loving.  I ordered a ceramic frame with our wedding picture in it for this year’s special ornament.  On the back is a place where I can write something to remind me of why I bought it.  (Hopefully, I won’t get Alzheimer’s anytime soon and forget about my wedding but in case I do I’ll dutifully write out this year’s big blessing on the ornament.)  I hope in the years to come our tree will be less of a commercial decoration and more of a reminder of God’s goodness to us.  The little house really stands out for now.  The song “One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just isn’t the same…” seems appropriate so when I look at the tree I’m going to give thanks for our beautiful home and pray for those who are homeless this season.