I’m hugely drawn to beauty.  Being in a well-organized, tastefully decorated space makes my muscles relax, my soul calm and my spirit sing.  It’s like my whole cerebral experience is tied to my eye sockets.  I have the  other four senses but they are so minor compared to my ability to see.  I’ve honestly thanked God many, many times that I have eyes that work.

Beauty is very subjective in nature.  What I find lovely may not do anything for another person.  I tinker because I’m trying to find out what it is that I actually find beautiful.  I find pictures in magazines and on-line that “wow” me but some of those places I would only like to visit.  A lot of them would be hard environments for me to actually live in.  It seems to me that some people intuitively know what would make their space lovely and liveable.  I’m not one of those people.  I experiment and by trial and error I find out what I like and don’t like.  I’m not willing to invest a lot of money unless I really know that I’m going to love something forever.

So here’s what I have found out about myself so far:

1.  I’m into neutral tones.  Put me in a room with lots of creams, browns and blacks and I feel at home.  I use other colours as backdrops but they’re pretty neutral too.



You can see some of my preferred colour scheme in these photos.  I have black frames all over my house and I love to fill them with brown-toned pictures.  Put them against a cream coloured wall and it works for me.  I generally don’t regret painting things white or cream colour.  It just makes them more beautiful to me.  The peacock above used to be brassy coloured but some white paint and some “tea-staining” made it go from “interesting” to “I really like it!”.

2.  I like a little ornamentation but I don’t like things too cluttered.  Remember my Christmas mantle?  It’s become undone because it was just too fussy looking.  I am learning in this house that scale is important.  I tend to buy a lot of little things because they’re nice and they’re cheap.  Too many little things put together makes me feel stressed.  I’m better off to buy a few bigger things, have less and enjoy my settings more.  I’m just learning this.  That’s what I love about inexpensive tinkering; I learn!

3.  I like things very symmetrical.  I line things up and make things balanced on both sides a lot.  For whatever reason, this is pleasing to me.


What I’ve learned about myself so far helped me to quickly get these:


My guys aren’t into the picture taking thing.  Forget trying to get them to invest time into wearing colour coordinated clothing.  They want to be done the whole deal in under five minutes.  Changing the tone to sepia helped me get us looking coordinated colour wise.  The picture is unfussy and relaxed which also scores points with me.  And I got my ducks all lined up and balanced just like I like things.  The guys put up with a grand total of seven pictures to get these two that I liked.  Some of that was due to postioning the camera correctly to get us all in the shot and sort of in the middle of it.  I have a 10 second timer on it so there wasn’t a huge amount of time for D to set the camera and then get in the photo himself.  I’m happy with these.  They’re beautiful to me.