I decided to take the evergreen wreath I found last year at a thrift store and spruce it up a bit.  I used just what I could gather out of craft buckets and came up with something that matches the gold theme I am going for this year.  This is what it looked like last night before I took the hot glue gun to it:


The wreath had some pine cones glued onto it already.  I added some moss, tiny white flowers, gold ivy, gold painted pine cones and nuts and some “sugar-covered” pears.  The pears were rescued from the garbage heap years ago and have resurfaced often in crafts.  They aren’t permanently attached to this wreath so I’m sure they will continue to move about after the season is over.  I made the gold bows by taking Dollar Store ribbon and twisting and securing it with ordinary twist ties.  The twist ties also work to attach the bows to the wreath.  Mine did double duty also securing the gold ivy.


Here is the finished product hanging outside: