A couple of times a month I have the awesome privilege of being a storyteller at church for the three to five year olds.  Those lucky kids get to hang out in a fun environment called Waumbaland and my job is to bring the Bible story to them in an engaging way.  Usually this isn’t too hard.  The church has downloadable curriculum telling you exactly what to do.  This week I had some troubles with that downloadable curriculum.  My reader refused to open it saying that the file was encrypted.  Huh?  Never had that happen before.  For the last few days I’ve been scratching my head over how to get at the info I needed to do my lesson.  Yes, I did ask for help from several different people but the help didn’t prove very helpful.  I thought that today (Saturday) I would go to the Library and try my luck on their computers.  It wouldn’t give me much time to prepare but I thought I could wing it.  Aaaah!  It’s raining today and a good portion of Orillia was at the Library using those computers I so desperately needed.  I went back home thinking I’d apologize tomorrow and tell those darling kids any old story.  Then a miracle happened.  I tried again to open that supposedly encrypted file.  It still wouldn’t open but somehow I managed to change it into a Word file and I was able to look at it.  I can only credit that to divine intervention.  Smarter, more computer savvy people than myself tried to help me and failed.

My next dilemma came when I saw what I was supposed to do.  The story was the creation of Adam and Eve and I was supposed to bring in an unfinished “create a bear” and have the children help me complete it.  I don’t have an unfinished “create a bear” kicking around and having two boys I don’t know anyone who would.  At this point it was Saturday afternoon and I knew I’d have to get creative.

The only “create a anything” I can remember my boys having was a Mr. Potato Head.  Of course, we don’t have him anymore.  He got edited a long time ago so I decided to make my own Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head that those three to five year olds could help me complete.  Take a look at the Mr. and Mrs. I concocted:


The only thing attached to the poster boards are the bodies and arms.  The boys and girls will help me create “man and woman”.  They have some choice as to eyes, feet, ears, etc.  Thankfully, I have a lot of coloured paper left over from homeschooling days and some larger pieces of poster board left over from P’s recent science project.  I didn’t have to buy a thing and I had fun with this idea.  I hope the kids enjoy it and remember that God made them one of a kind.  He specifically chose their eye colour, hair type, big toes, etc.  I like to think that God has as much pleasure in the process as I did and that He too sometimes laughs at what He produces.