Wednesdays are the day I clean the bathrooms.  I’m very religious about it and I like to try to improve the look or function of at least one of our three bathrooms each week.  This week the ensuite got a bit of Christmas gold added to it.


O.K.  It’s not hugely Christmas-y except for the gold ribbon on it.  I saved the metal tub from a bath gift set that I got years ago as a gift.  The gorgeous white towels were a wedding shower gift.  Look at how pretty the trim on them is:


The lotions were also a gift and the spa-like things were found as an unopened package at a garage sale for the wholloping price of $1.  The ribbon and tassle came from the Dollar Store and were stuff I already had on hand.  (I like to repurpose those sorts of things a lot.)

Here’s what it looks like from above:


And here’s what it looks like from inside the tub:  (I had to get in there to clean it anyways!)


I think I like it.


While I was tinkering in the bathroom, the love of my life was working in the kitchen.  I came down to this:


He fashioned pear almond walnut pancakes with a side of sausages.  I call them P.A.W pancakes made by Pa. (Said with my best southern drawl.)  I think I like this too.  A good man who cooks good food.  He can creep into the kitchen and tinker anytime he wants to.