It’s all snowy and sunny and pretty outside today.  Winter is definitely visiting outside my windows.  Admittedly, I’m not winter’s biggest fan.  I don’t like to be cold and I don’t like how my skin gets all dried out in the colder months.  I can choose to dwell on these negatives or I can embrace the season and enjoy what’s lovely about it.  I choose the latter.

Something I’ve decided to do this year is decorate inside my home for Christmas.  It’s probably hard to believe but for years and years I didn’t do that.  I refrained from everything commercial about Christmas in an effort to remain focused on Jesus and helping the poor.  I still want to keep that proper focus but I also want to bring some festive cheer to the rooms in my house.  I think it will help me get through what can be a very long colourless part of the year.

Since the snow is falling and it’s looking more like a Christmas card outside, I thought I’d get a jump start and put some seasonal flair to one little part of my home.  I have a window in my kitchen that is very important to me.  It’s right above my kitchen sink.  The view out isn’t impressive.  I look right into my neighbour’s back yard.  They’ve been trying to clean it up this year but at best it’s a little junky looking.  Still, I haven’t always had a window view when doing the dishes and I’m quite grateful for it.  (My dishwasher doesn’t work all that well so I tend to do dishes the old-fashioned way.)  This is what my window looked like before it’s transformation:


Its sill was lined with mugs full of pencils, pens and scissors, a couple of tiny fake plants, a bottle of hand lotion and an old vanilla bottle.  Most of that arrangement was useful but it wasn’t that pretty to look at.  Here is what the sill looks like now:


The red ornaments came from DA’s grandma and the rest of the stuff I pulled out of storage from various boxes.  Who can’t smile looking at those beautiful red ornaments or that funny little nutcracker man?  I may even do the dishes by candlelight one of these days.  Yeah…that takes the chill off of winter.