It rained a lot today.  At one point in the afternoon, I found the boys happily installed in front of the computer watching Myth Buster re-runs.  That was O.K. with me.  It’s a show I like.  That gave me some time to work on my latest project – that little mirror from the Goodwill.

Yesterday, I painted the frame black, still using that Aura “black black” paint that has gone on a few other projects.  Today the frame just needed a few touch-ups and a plan.  I decided to detach the mirror from it.  That was no easy task.  It was glued in really well and it took some effort with an X-acto knife to free it.  Once out, I cut some cardstock paper to cover it and then used the same X-acto knife to carefully cut a square in the middle of it.  I used ordinary tape to attach a picture to the back and then used double sided tape to attach my homemade mat to the mirror.  I then hot glue gunned the mirror back to the frame.  This is what I now have:


The curtains and bedspread in this room are cream colour so the mat picks up on that.  One day I hope to have some black furniture here.  For now, I have my black painted garage sale mirror and my jewellery box to coordinate with this black frame.  Here’s a close up of the pretty detail in the frame itself:


I’m quite happy with how this turned out and have the perfect spot to hang it once I get some nails.