The boys and I found ourselves in the Goodwill store yesterday.  We had to run an errand in that part of town and we went in mostly to look for pants for P.  We had tried the Georgian Mall, Wal-Mart and Zellers on earlier excursions and had come up with nothing for him.  He knows what he wants; we just can’t seem to find it in his size and a colour he’ll wear.  We’ve lucked out at the Goodwill before, so we tried again yesterday.  Good news!  We got two pairs of pants for him which means I won’t have to constantly be washing the two pairs he has left or letting him wear the same pants for days on end.  Yahoo!

I also got fodder for my next DIY project.  I found this pretty mirror:


It wasn’t a steal and I really don’t need it but I kept coming back to it.  I’d pick it up and then rationalize with myself that I really had no place for it and put it back down again only to do it all over again.  I finally just decided to splurge when after putting it down I saw an older couple rounding the corner towards it and frantically went back to snatch it before they could get it.  The man chuckled at me.  I felt foolish but at that moment I knew that I really like this little mirror.

The mirror itself has two tiny scratches on it and the silver paint on the frame has been removed in one corner.  I didn’t think that I could colour match the silver paint or even the painting technique used so I painted the frame black.  Even though I love silver, black will go better with my home.  I haven’t decided yet if it is going to remain a dinged up mirror or if I will make it into a picture frame for one of our black and white wedding photos.  That will all depend on whether I can get a matte for it without breaking the bank.  I may look into making my own.  We’ll see.  Stay tuned.  If it turns out, it will appear here.